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Waring Double Belgian Waffle Maker Review

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Waring Double Belgian Waffle Maker





  • Double vertical Belgian waffle maker features heavy-duty commercial construction for durability
  • Designed with triple-coated nonstick plates that allows for easy removal of waffles and quick cleanup
  • Heating elements are embedded into plates for precise temperature control and even heat distribution, for a consistent golden-brown result
  • Includes power on and ready-to-bake LED indicators, audio beep signal when the unit is ready to cook and when the waffle is ready to serve
  • Comes with new space-saving vertical design with independent ready lights cooks two waffles at once with the footprint of a single waffle maker

Makes Loads of Waffles Fast! 

Waring Double Belgian Waffle MakerThis is my first Waring Commercial model waffle maker. I must confess that purchasing this appliance was a leap of faith for me. Needless to say, I did my homework and read a lot of waffle maker reviews before buying this particular model.

I’m glad that all that effort paid off nicely. I had to consider the fact that it’s more expensive than the waffle irons that I have previously owned. I wanted to get a countertop appliance that’s designed for commercial use thinking that it will be a lot more durable than the ones that were designed for home use. Looking back more than a year after the purchase was made I think I really got my money’s worth with this Waring.

Who is It Suited For?

Product Highlights

In my considered opinion, the model WW200 Waring waffle maker is best suited for people who need a really durable waffle iron. I also think that it will be a great option for people who are in the business of selling waffles. It’s packed with slick features that will be useful for people who need to make lots of waffles really fast.

  • MAKES WAFFLES REALLY FAST: Our family usually has waffles in the morning instead of pancakes. This Belgian waffle maker makes waffles really fast. I can serve a big bunch of waffles to keep everyone at the table stuffed. It’s perfect for people who always have to rush in the morning.
  • GOOD ENOUGH FOR COMMERCIAL USE: I don’t sell Belgian waffles, but I sure make a lot of waffles each day. I also had the wonderful opportunity to help out in a local soup kitchen and I made lots of waffles for the people who came. I feel blessed that I had the rare opportunity to use my cooking talents to help out some people in need. If this waffle iron can make that much waffles then I guess it is good enough for commercial use.
  • GREAT FOR TRYING OUT DIFFERENT WAFFLE RECIPES: I like the controls and set up of this Waring Commercial waffle making appliance. I have since tried out many different waffle recipes. I have tried the thin and crispy variants to the thick and creamy ones. We loved all of them; they even made our kitchen smell really good each morning.


  • Waring Double Belgian Waffle Maker MealThis commercial waffle maker has the following measurements: 17″ x 10.4″ x 9.5″. The package weight for this product is 10 pounds. It carries a limited 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • This particular model makes 1.25″ thick waffles. It comes with triple coated non-stick plates.
  • This waffle maker is designed for commercial use and a production capacity of 50 waffles an hour.
  • It also features LED indicators and audible signals when the unit is ready.


The WW200 is a pretty good waffle iron in my opinion. It may be a little too expensive for some people, but you get real good quality for the price. My real complaint is that the instructions are really hard to understand – so I just winged it! Othe than that, the Waring Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker is a really good product for its price.


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  1. Cindy says:

    I can’t turn waffle over to get it out. Tried turning on omlette maker. Tried unplugging it. It is like it is froze up. Have any suggestions.

    • AllKitchenReviews says:

      Hey Cindy, did you get the waffle maker in this review? I ask since you mentioned omelette maker and this one does not include an additional omelette accessory (though just making a waffle omelette is also delicious). This one will only turn a specific direction and usually after having opened it and closed it. If you are just trying to get your waffle out, a heat resistant spatula should be able to pop it right out without having to turn it over. It will need to season for a bit before a waffle will come out smoothly, though, until then, spray a little bit of PAM onto the plates right before cooking. Make sure to not use too much, though, or your waffle will come out oily.

      Failing any of that, you might have a defective machine. Amazon has a pretty great return policy if you bought it through them and they should be able to replace out your model for you fairly quickly.


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