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Chef’s Choice Waffle Maker Review

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Chef’s Choice Waffle Maker

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Chef’s Choice Waffle Maker





  • Belgian waffle maker bakes 4 deep-pocket waffles in 90 to 120 seconds
  • Adjustable baking time and temperature; high-quality nonstick griddle
  • Fast recovery; automatic countdown timer;
  • Easy-to-clean overflow channel; sleep mode; cord storage; recipes included
  • Measures 11 by 12 by 4 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Total Satisfaction: Chef’s Choice WafflePro Belgian Waffle Maker 

The Chef’s Choice 850-SE Belgian Waffle Maker is everything I would ask for in a waffle maker. This unit has great wattage and turns really hot, which is important for making crispy but fluffy waffles within two minutes. For a family of six, the cooking speed of this countertop appliance is just right to get us all those waffles in time. This waffle maker is actually a great buy even if it is quite expensive. I do love this machine very much!

Why this is my Choice

Here are a few inside bits of info that might leave you quite as impressed as I was when I first used it:

  • Chef’s Choice Waffle MakerEASE OF USE: I don’t find any level of difficulty as I continue to use this waffle maker. Setting the controls is not really hard. I usually choose “4” for Color Adjust and select “Crisp exterior and moist interior” and “Uniform Texture.” I have always used these settings and my waffles always come out perfect.
  • GREAT BOOKLET: I really admire the booklet that comes with this unit. I have read it and it really explains everything about the waffle maker. Another thing is that inside the booklet are some good waffle recipes. I have tried cooking some of these recipes and they all turned out excellent. This is one of the best booklets that I have ever read about a product that I bought.
  • GREAT WATTAGE: This waffle iron has a good amount of wattage. It is just enough to produce the kind of waffles that I really love – cake-like inside and crispy outside. Preheating the machine is fast and my waffles don’t taste dry because the cooking time is only two minutes. This is really a wonderful waffle maker.

Best Features

  • This Chef’s Choice 850-SE cooks four delicious Belgian waffles within 90 to 120 seconds. Each waffle has a thickness just like those offered in restaurants.
  • The QuadPlus baking system of this professional waffle maker gives the user the ability to customize his waffles by independently adjusting the settings accordingly.
  • The plates of this Belgian waffle maker were specially engineered to ensure optimal batter distribution as well as even cooking so there’s no need to flip.
  • Other features of these waffle makers are Sleep Mode, automatic countdown timer and fast heat-up.


This is really an amazing Belgian waffle iron. The Chef’s Choice 850-SE’s simplicity and accuracy of the settings have made me admire the beauty of waffle baking. I just love how perfect my waffles come out every single time. I just wish that this waffle maker has a longer power cord because I was having a hard time finding the power outlet for it in my kitchen. I resolve to use an extension cord for my other countertop appliance just to give way for the waffle maker. Overall, I am a totally satisfied user of the Chef’s Choice 850-SE WafflePro Belgian Waffle Maker.


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