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Looking for juicers that work? Wondering which juicers will do what you need?

“I highly recommend beginning a juice program. Juicing makes you feel better, and I can already tell it is having a profound affect on my health. I sleep better, and I eat less. If you have been thinking about buying a juicer but you are afraid of the commitment, then put your fears to rest and go for it! Committing to your health is a lifelong commitment that you should embrace.”

– Kristen Sitzberger, Passionate Juicer and Daughter of Two Olympic Medal Winners

You are not alone. With so many juicers available, it can be very confusing to find the ones to buy and ones to avoid.

With, we have prepared a list of top juicers. We have reviewed multiple juicers that are available on the market and reviewed thousands of customer feedbacks on each juicer. We then ranked these products according to this feedback and observations.

Black & Decker Juicer JE2200B Juicer Review

Black & Decker Juicer JE2200B Juicer Review

“For the price it’s a great juicer. It does exactly what it says and it does it well.” “This is good product for the price. Can do the job.” Some of the positive feedback for this Black and Decker Juicer. With over 300 customer reviews, this juicer rated 3.9 out of 5 stars. Product Features […]

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