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Jura F9 Review

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Jura F9 Review

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Jura F9





  • Touch-screen technology governs cup size, strength, and temperature
  • Commercial conical burr grinder; stainless-steel-lined ThermoBlock unit
  • Integrated pure water system cleans brewing water for improved taste
  • Dual frother PLUS for steaming or frothing manually
  • Measures 11 by 16 by 12-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty

Jura F9 Review

The Jura f9 is one of the most powerful espresso makers available. It’s made by Capresso, and the Impressa f9 model is an extremely sturdy appliance that makes great drinks with just a few simple steps. It’s got the latest touch screen technology to help you make authentic coffee beverages without a hitch. There’s even a milk frother to help put that extra touch on your drinks! It features a 15 bar pump system that makes incredible espressos and consistent results each time.

Jura f9 Espresso Maker – Features

The Jura f9 Espresso Maker is a 100% stainless steel appliance. Simply put, it’s beautiful to look at if stainless steel is your type of thing. Not only does it give you that great shine to go along with your other kitchen appliances, but it’s built to last through the toughest of conditions. The material helps against corroding and all the parts stay in top notch shape. It’s not a bulky item so you can easily move it around and sit it in a variety of locations in your kitchen or dining room. The Jura f9 Espresso Maker has a built in grinder which aids you in getting the freshest quality results you can for your drinks. It’s easy to fill up the bean grinder with whichever brand of whole beans you want.

Ease of Use

Everything is easily controlled via the touchscreen control panel. You can adjust everything from cup size, brew strength, and the overall temperature of the drink. As you know, some beverages require very accurate temperatures to turn out the right way, so this is a big benefit for you. You won’t ever have to worry about trash and particles getting into your drinks either. There’s a built in water purifier which keeps your brewer clean and improves the overall taste of your coffee. The water reservoir itself is 64 ounces, big enough to not have to constantly refill just to make drinks. One of the coolest features of the Jura f9 Espresso Maker is the built-in internet connectivity! This lets you choose from a variety of drink recipes instantly.

Final Thoughts

If you want to create coffee house quality products right from the comfort of your home, then you should seriously consider the Jura f9 Espresso Maker. It really locks in intense flavors and delivers authentic espressos thanks to the dual frother system. It has enough built-in options to keep you busy creating amazing drinks too. This is a very easy to clean unit, it looks great and it’s an excellent fit for the kitchen. If coffee is your thing and you’re thinking about choosing a great espresso maker, then don’t miss out on the Jura f9!


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